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"Art meets science of nature's intelligence"

Seemingly insignificant changes can have a surprisingly dramatic impact in our lives.

Balancing Spaces

Balance and Nature

Feng Shui in Chinese means “Wind and Water”. It is the ancient art of placement and aligning an environment.  It deals with the relationship of people with place and time. It is observes the vibrational principles that our universe and nature are based upon: flow of Chi, the vital energy flowing through everything, yin and yang and the five elements and how when imbalanced it influences our life and especially our emotional well-being in a particular environment.

Working Together

Consulting Services

Our lives are affected and influenced by the space we live and work in. Whether we are aware of it or not, there are many factors of energetic patterns in our space that generate and run our underlying purpose of life. The layout of our space correlates directly with the feelings we have and the results we will create. It is our pleasure to assist you in creating sacred space in your living and working environment.

About Us

Meet Stephanie Gruss

Stephanie Gruss has been helping people lead happier, more peaceful, and more productive lives in Canada, Europe and India for the past 15 years. She delivers this kind of transformation by designing and optimizing living and working spaces for her clients, resulting in increased ease, energy, comfort, and natural flow for the occupants.  Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Dowsing, Art and Sacred Geometry are ancient methods of alignment shift the invisible energetic patterns in our space to match balance for greater consciousness.

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