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About Us

Meet Stephanie Gruss

Stephanie Gruss has been helping people lead happier, more peaceful, and more productive lives in Canada, Europe and India for the past 15 years. She delivers this kind of transformation by designing and optimizing living and working spaces for her clients, resulting in increased ease, energy, comfort, and natural flow for the occupants.¬† Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Dowsing, Art and Sacred Geometry are ancient methods of alignment shift the invisible energetic patterns in our space to match balance for greater consciousness.Stephanie’s gift is in turning homes and offices into sanctuaries, where clients are both nourished and inspired to move forward and where communication happens with kindness and clarity.

Her background as a lifelong painter and musician infuses her custom designs with grace, beauty, and sensuality. Her studies and expertise in geometry, the ecological science of Feng Shui, and stage design ensure the environments she creates are not only beautiful but functional and efficient for their users, inspiring and drawing out the best of them.

Her passion is the awakening and optimization of spaces and you within them. She looks forward to supporting you in discovering how supportive and inspiring your home and workplace can actually be.

Stephanie is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant. She received her training from the Kushi Institute of Amsterdam ( and Marie-France Dayan in Montreal (

She has received additional training in geobiology and devic clearing processes from Earthtransitions in the United States and dowsing with the Lecher Antenna from healer Christine Lessard in Quebec, Canada In addition to supporting both corporate and residential clients through her consulting practice, she teaches Feng Shui at the University of Alberta РFaculty of Extension ( and offers workshops internationally. Stephanie delivers a powerful combination of Art and Science for her clients, resulting in a higher quality of life and enjoyment of their home or workplace.