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Art Projects

Feng Shui ART

Have you ever thought that inspiring artwork in specific places of your home and office could influence your day to day joy and inspiration of living and working? Feng Shui ART work strengthens your awareness and puts harmonious energetic patterns in place to assist you in your focus, creativity, enjoyment and manifestation of your intentions.This art work can be created in form of a painting on the wall (smaller or larger mural), on fabric, paper or canvas, in a frame or as a sculpted object.

Endless possibilities:

Individual painting to energize an area.
Specific painting of walls to define your space and change the energy.
Wall painting such as Mandala or other symbol or mural.
Energize specific products in your storefront with catching Feng Shui Art.

There are two ways of creating such artwork:

●  I align myself with the spirit of the place and the best intention for the inhabitant. This will give me a vision of what to develop to help the people in their growth.
●  I use a symbol of sacred geometry or any existing form that feels appropriate.

Both solutions can be worked out in different materials representing the 5 elements to be balanced.