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2012 The Yang Water Dragon

Posted on Jan 27, 2012

2012  The Yang Water Dragon

Each year movements of the greater law influence the earth. The earth is comparable to our human body; an organism that is embedded in the fundamental movement of energies shifting through the various layers of its form as well as the greater universe it is part of. We are part of these amazing movements of patterns.

Each year bring with it qualities to encounter and abilities to learn.


The year of the Earth Dragon going through a water cycle is an opportunity for optimum growth and expansion. We are invited to put aside our ego, selfishness and opinions to work for the greater good.


Tap into what prevails through everything physically visible. The unseen that is present in all form.


You may have already noticed a shift from last years timid energy of the rabbit to the strength of a forward movement in the last couple of days, the year of the EARTH DRAGON.


An image came to me of the Mountain with inside the eternal Fire burning. Be still and know.


With the movement of power that this year brings forth awareness is needed to not burn out but to turn inside to once inner flame to use its power for seeing and waiting. To come with an attitude of wait and see instead of being washed away by emotions.


Water stands for wealth but being it the year of the earth Dragon does not only bring luck. Lots of movements of Water and Wind in form of floods and storms will create ripples through the planet. People will feel washed away, drowned, their abundance and inspiration gone.


It might evoke a lot of optimism to build and boost before we have prepared the right foundation to build upon.


Water does have a calming effect to the force of progress of the Earth Dragon, so it opens the possibility to act wisely and do what is essential for progress. For this we need to turn inside and learn to discern what is true, what is real and become honest.


Be willing and be flexible and not to hold on to too many things, because we may loose everything.


This year opens us to learn to navigate and make difficult choices. Let go of what is unfeasible or unnecessary.

When we focus our attention that way we will have to fewer yet more rewarding endeavors.

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