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3 Ways Your Home Can Drain You

Posted on Mar 26, 2012

3 Ways Your Home Can Drain You

Your home should be a constant source of strength
It is your foundation, oasis and sanctuary. It gives you a sense of stability, belonging and inspiration when life seems hard and overwhelming. Your home should  be a source of support for your spiritual growth. It should not only be functional and practical but beautiful.

Sadly for many people their homes actually negatively impact their lives. They drain them.

Your environment is a direct reflection of your life. You may have rooms that you seldom use, although you may not have any specific reason why. You may have a room where conflicts tend to happen more frequently than others. You may have a room that never seems to fit the rest of the house.  In fact, it’s possible that these rooms are draining your energy.  It’s subtle, but here are the three biggest emotional triggers that might in fact be your environment signalling you for change:

1) You feel anxious

You experience stress, restlessness, and sleeplessness in your everyday life or at work. Whenever you are in your house, apartment or workplace you want to leave again, you do not like to stay. Something is making you restless. Whenever you enter your home you sense of negative feelings, either stomach ache, nausea or headache. You notice irritation in the communication with your kids; your spouse and your pets make aggravating noise. You notice a specific pain in a specific part of your body every time you are in your space for a while.

2) You feel stuck

Depression and stagnancy. You are tired of feeling down and not inspired and want to change something in your life to have more energy and to have things flow again positively.

3) You are easily distracted

Your home is a place where you hang out but you can’t really seem to get it organized. You tend to fall into addictions of TV watching and bad eating habits, wanting to give up. Your home is not providing a rejuvenating oasis.

Yet very simple steps can change the energy of your home and work instantly and free up immense amount of energy.  Objects, colours and specific energy enhancers create access to higher vibrational frequencies for your space or the best potential for their location. Why not call today for a consultation? What have you got to lose except that negative emotion?

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