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The Year of the Chinese Water Dragon

Posted on Jan 27, 2012

The Year of the Chinese Water Dragon

Article by Tyler Graae

2012 is a year that gives life to what is achievable and what is possible, bringing magic and power to the earth as do the seasons. SHENG CHI – means the Essence of life, taking form as celestial breath. The Chinese Dragon informs us that it is time to set high standards, focus on our most elevated goals. Dragons are honored in the East. They are a representation of magnetism. This energy attracts attention and brings with it what you desire. Dragons are known for achieving the impossible. Let us plan and dream as we discover 2012 and explore the power of the Dragon being unleashed in the most positive of ways.

Since the Dragon occupies the 5th position in the Chinese Zodiac it is said to be the mightiest of signs, symbolizing ambition and successful transactions. Dragons are unafraid of challenges; they take risks and are driven to succeed. Mind you, they do this all with zest and style. Use these traits, as they offer tremendous value.

In 2012 draw attention to Good Feng Shui energy – Sheng Chi uplifts Feng Shui energy so that it is beneficial to your health and well-being. Sheng means upward moving Energy. Surround yourselves with Sheng Chi and bring this uplifting energy to your home, offices and work environments.

The Chinese Water Dragon also represented the Divine Source, Mother Earth the ultimate Symbol of Good Fortune. She will protect against negative forces, help the weak and bring luck to those who hold the dragon dear. Does the year of the water dragon open doors to new opportunities? You bet! The Yang Water Dragon offers many possibilities for good fortune, changing of world events and affecting the course of the earth in the most positive of ways. This gives us the chance, as individuals, to contribute to the world with positive energy and reinforcement for a better, more unified place. The Water Dragon – shows up every 60 years, with its last showing in 1952. The Water Dragon is less selfish and opinionated than the other Dragons. This dragon is less power-hungry, a good communicator and plays well in the sand box with others. Dragons have a talent for negotiating well when the energies are concentrated on the most rewarding endeavors.

This year make it a year where you reach out to one another. Be kind and compassionate. Have forgiveness in your heart. Unforgiving energy kept locked away brews anger, fear, resentment and ill health physically and spiritually. Do not segregate people for their color, religion, beliefs, sexuality, handicaps etc. Accept others as they are of God. God made each one of us beautiful and special. When you accept others you might learn something wonderful about yourself. You will grow and raise the vibration of the universe.

So rock on in 2012 and remember to do good each day, each moment for yourself, for others and for the world! We have the power to make a change in this world for the better by helping heal the earth on a whole. Use this energy wisely and we can help save this planet and the human race from chaos and destruction.

Astrological Aspects in a Nutshell – Neptune’s 14 year transit through Pisces – gradual breakdown of the boundaries that divide us during Neptune’s 14 year transit through Pisces. Uranus squares Pluto – Transformation and change. Saturn opposite Jupiter – The principle of expansion opposes consolidation. Saturn enters Scorpio – Scorpio rules death and rebirth leaving old forms to die. Saturn trine Neptune – Realism and idealism work together. Manifest your dreams and visions into reality. Jupiter enters Gemini – Fertile ground for new ideas, welcome prospects during a time of deep transition and change. Jupiter squares Neptune – Our access to secrets and things that are hidden are revealed. Mars Retrograde – Organize and establish priorities. Outline your goals. Venus Retrograde – What do we wish to nurture in our lives that is valuable? Concentrate on what is important. Mercury Retrograde – Retreat.  Difficulty moving forward in society. Everyday transportation and communication systems break down for a brief period of time forcing the world to reflect, standstill and make better choices. Re-think what needs to be re-done. Inner guidance can lead the way.

The most important configuration is The Yod in the 2012 chart. The Yod is known as The Finger of God. Appearing to be arrow like in the chart, it indicates change and transformations.  Pluto indicates radical transformation, death and rebirth. Saturn is life’s learning experiences, especially those of a more painful nature. Transformation does not have to be painful; it can be uplifting and freeing.  Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, pulling strong energy from other planets and helping them to expand as well. Jupiter rules our religious beliefs and indicates changes in our religious systems. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and ascension. This could indicate flooding as to cleanse the earth wiping away old ways of doing things. We have choice. We can keep fighting a non-winning battle of old ways that do not work or we can choose to open up to new ways of creating a world of peace. Working together, we can create abundance for all and bring Joy and Passion into the human experience.

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