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Bringing in more light

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

We live in a 4 level split. The first lower level has good windows and gets fairly good light. Yet we have a little narrow hallway between the two rooms with the bigger windows and it feels kind of oppressing.

We thought of breaking down one of the walls and did not want to go into the hassle of having an ingenieur come to tell us wether that is okay. So I pondered for a while to see what would come to me as a solution.

Figuring out where the studs were and how big the gaps between them and than taping it to the wall, gave me the idea. I decided to make two window like openings (without glass) that form little niches. We are thinking to either put a little shelf in them to have glass objects or books loosly stored in there or leave them open, so you can add a nice candle light in each.

It is amazing what a small inexpensive opening does to the whole feel of the hallway, the rooms on either side. It  makes the rooms more interesting, create a cozy atmosphere and the light can now flow through all the rooms in an interesting inspiring way.

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