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Calming the stairs in the center of your house

Posted on May 4, 2011

Our house has in its center being a four level split the stairs going up and down. Feng shui promotes that the middle of your house is calm and has objects of earth element to help center and ground. To balance the very busy energy of walking up and down, we are in the middle of painting a mural on the wall of the staircase. we are painting large trees that go all the way from the bottom of the first lower level to the first upper level, helping to anchor the area and connect us to mother Earth, these trees are standing in fields. Those will be giving a sense of open spaciousness which supports the meaning of the center open to receive.

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  1. Wow thats really, great I also live in a 4 level spilt. I took a feng shui course a couple years ago, however i still struggle to remember all there is, as I’m not practicing it full time. That really helped me out. Thanks!!!

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