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Community Mandala on Pecha Kucha Night 17

Posted on Sep 25, 2013

Community Mandala on Pecha Kucha Night 17

Stephanie Gruss, artist and Feng Shui consultant, presents at the Pecha Kucha Night 17 ” Designing Downtown’.

She is inviting the public to join in painting a mandala as a community activity. The painting of the outline or template of the Mandala will start at  3’clock in the centre of the plaza behind the Stanley Miner Library in front of the stage of the Pecha Kucha Night 17.

From their everyone is welcome to join in and connect into the many possibilities for creating magical street art.

From 3-9 pm the public is encouraged to engage in painting with sand and crayons layer by layer.

Rather than focussing on the outcome Stephanie invites everyone to look at the pattern on the ground and respond to the form and draw what shapes and images they see. As some one adds to the piece of art others watch, engage and observe what shifts as it evolves.

Stephanie will also have a dialog with participants as to what Edmontonian’s would like to bring to downtown and how they like to express that in the Mandala.

The art of Mandala painting is based on ancient traditions of various cultures to come together and enjoy creating. As the form of the Mandala is in most cases circular, it ignites a flow of togetherness. It unites.

The template Stephanie is going to work with as a base is the Seed of Life and related patterns. It provokes to bring forth what is meaningful for us and what we connect to on a deeper level. It helps us to tap into what we like to express from our heart and deeper knowing.


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