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Creating art for your home

Posted on Oct 30, 2012

Creating art for your home

When it comes to finding art for our home often times couples cannot agree on art or we do not know where to go to look for it. thus we feel stuck and leave it.

Buying reproductions has a feeling of dead art. In my practice it shows that people who dared to do their own art, felt more creative, inspired in their home and it is very endearing.

Once a mother shared a concern that her boy was scared to go down to the basement of their house to play in the playroom.
I suggested creating art that could be painted on the wall down to the basement and needed to be done with him together. We talked about making a huge tree with roots, branches, leaves and fruit and check with him, whether he liked that idea. Some of the fruits were going to have pictures of the family members glued into them.

The boy loved the project and it helped him to feel more joyful about going down to the basement. Seeing his family on the way down in the pictures gave him trust that they were there.  From than on he played in the basement.

Make sure you exhibit art from your children in your home, properly framed. Not just stuck on the fridge. That gives them a sense of being loved, appreciated and taken serious. Hung in a creative way children’s art can give a very charming feel to a space.

Creating art is a vital piece of making your home more vibrant and enjoyable. It stimulates conversation among family members and guests. It gives the makers a sense of value, adds to the creative juice and gives a feeling of being at home.

If you feel inspired to create your own art and want some inspiration,

We have a special offer of only $199 for booking us a day (6 hrs) to do art together in a fun setting as a group of friends or family.
This is a great gift for christmas. There are different art projects to choose from. Call us today to find out more.


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