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Feng Shui Solutions through Inner Journey

Posted on Sep 27, 2010

A couple of years ago a client of mine for who’s home I had done a Feng shui consultation asked me to do her space for a physiotherapy clinic.

I started the session with a journey inwards. As she was moving into a vacant space, it was important for me that we developed any suggestions from an inner place. So I asked her in my questioning to stand in front of her door of the newly rented space. I asked her what kind of atmosphere she wanted to have in this space. She said she wanted a welcoming, warm and bright place as it was a basement space. After her visualizing opening the door to the new space, I asked her to walk around in there and sense. Then I asked which colours and objects were expressing the feelings she had described for the space. Clearly there came the answer of green and yellow. I told her that her elements according to the chinese astrology where matching with the colours she saw. We decided to place the colours according to the bagua- a energetic template representing 9 areas of our life in the room. The yellow –element earth was going in the entrance area and enveloping around to the far right corner giving support in her back and the green element wood -on the wall she was facing when working with the client. The light green was gently energizing and calming her as she could not see any nature.

Previous to our journey in, the client had not thought of these colours herself. She was very surprised. Yet her inner wisdom knew exactly what she needed. And it was matching her personal elements. She also wanted me to integrate a mandala in this work space. So I decided to paint the chosen mandala directly on the wall. The act of painting it there was initiating the energy stronger into the room. We choose the middle of the back wall, so it would be the first thing you see when entering and it was giving direction of what this place was about. It resonated in the middle equally out to all the corners of the space.

One of my goals in a session with my clients is to tune into what the room needs and what the person needs. These visualizations help to open an inner realm that we often are not in touch with. What I have found is that feng shui then becomes not just following ancient rules but seeing it match with our intuitive senses.

What ever is the outcome in these inner journeys is not necessarily what we expect, yet it will nourish us from deeper within.

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  1. Great article Stephanie!
    I’ve added a link from the markbrandgroup blog site to your site.
    I would love to see some pictures of this space!

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