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Looking back: Guidance for 2013 year of the snake

Posted on Sep 25, 2013

I just remembered what guidance came to me about 8 month ago when the year of the snake began and what was to be expected. Now as I am looking back I must say it does touch in many ways how my experience of the year has been. We have 4 more month to go. Enjoy the opportunities and what it offers you for the rest of the year.

Guidance from nature on February 7th, 2013

This year gives us the opportunity to transform our heart. Learn what is purity of heart. A year to change wisdom, wisdom changer year, to learn through our thirds eye, find strength in our 3rd eye.

Imagine waking up in the morning and doing a lions roar to awaken the inner strength. Becoming aware with whom we talk about what. Be aware of its integrity.

The information from the core of mother Earth is carried up though all the levels.

Polarization will continue and intensify. The image that represents the quality is a small island in a big wide ocean. Learn to trust and know thyself.

The energy from the core of earth is rattling like in an earth quake. It is important this year to stand on your feet and connect to the alignment, while it shakes through like an inner volcano.

Face your lies and dishonesties. Wisdom will come from the bottom of heart.

Become aware of your skeleton, connect to the structures of skeleton, let everything pass through pierce you to the bone.

Old structures will wash away, systems disappear, creation and flow.

Green meadows

New code and Heart synchronization

Year of purification – an alchemical purification

Be watchful for manipulation, people deceiving and wanting to scam you.Year to heal the wounds of the past.

There will be Tsunami’s of emotions, reprogramming of the skull

Only love can wash everything clean

Find place in nature to connect, create a star of Solomon in the centre or in the garden to help balance


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