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Unleash creativity letting go clutter

Posted on Oct 30, 2012

Unleash creativity letting go clutter

The month of November is a great time to let go of your  clutter before the end of the year and all the festivities with family and friends. this is why we offere a spacial for $255 to offer you 2 sessions of dc-luttering for you home.

Feng Shui sees the house as an organism that compares to the human body. The basement of any house is related to the unconscious, its ground floor to the lower part of the body and its second level to the upper body part and the attic to the head. Clutter in each one of these areas can throw us out of balance.

The occurrence of clutter or stagnating energy in our space reflects our own procrastination: mental, emotional and physical blockages influencing our everyday productivity, body’s health and long term our success and clarity. We are unconsciously limiting our self-expression and can loose focus of what is meaningful.

During a consultation of a home office my client and I found out that most of her office refill material was stored in a wall cupboard high up on the south wall left to her desk. She hated that corner, the cupboard and the content too, as it was visible through the milky glass. The south in Feng Shui corresponds to the element fire which represents reputation and living our visions. The weight of the cluttered cupboard blocked her inspiration to write.

She found a new place to store her refill. To energize the south corner we found beautiful paintings of the four seasons and an inspirational writing by her mother that had encouraged her to the present form of work. She also created her yearly dream map and hung it on the South West wall of that corner which opened up. Her desk we switched to face the South wall having her back in a empowering position facing the door and having light coming from the side instead the front.

Clearing the area gave her more sense of calmness and peace. She noticed her elbows stopped hurting and she feels now more focussed, inspired and productive.


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