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Is your home a relaxing, loving and inspiring sanctuary?

Can you be focused and productive in your office or at work?

Are you having trouble selling your property effectively?

If you answered “no”  to any of these questions, sign up for your free 20 minute phone consultation to get an energy assessment of your place and learn how to avoid the seven stress factors that effect your home and office space.

Balancing Spaces transforms the energy in your home and business space to be more healthy, organized, creative and peaceful through ancient methods of Feng Shui, subtle energy clearing ceremonies, empowering tools and art based on Sacred Geometry. We offer on-site and remote consultations, workshops, training classes and presentations in Edmonton, the rest of Canada, in North America and Europe.

About Stephanie Gruss

Stephanie Gruss is a Feng shui Design Consultant who teaches home and business owners, realtors and home-builders how to design in nature’s way of balance. You will gain greater appreciation for what you have. Create space for relaxation, design rooms and furniture placement that nurture wealth, health, communication, organization and enjoyment.

Sign up for our free report “Clearing your Clutter”,  and learn how to avoid the seven stress factors that most home and business owners deal with in their home or office. You will learn how to:

  • spend less money for design that balances you
  • overcome insecurities to choose the right colors, materials, furniture and objects
  • have a comfortable, cozy, loving and practical home
  • have better communication, health, more wealth and wellbeing
  • enjoy better sleep
  • have an organized and functional space
  • have a professional and beautiful home office
  • create a sanctuary in which all family members can thrive
  • sell your house faster and for more
  • make your company and its employees love coming and being effective at work

Be At Home – An introductory offer

Check out our year round “Be at Home” special package that transforms your relationship to you and your family in your home for better communication, love, prosperity and wellbeing.You receive a house and property clearing, a Feng Shui consultation including a blessed cure of an essential oil, a salt lamp or crystal for your space and a follow up call for only $399!