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Working Together

Consulting Services

Our lives are affected and influenced by the space we live and work in. Whether we are aware of it or not, there are many factors of energetic patterns in our space that generate and run our underlying purpose of life. The layout of our space correlates directly with the feelings we have and the results we will create. It is our pleasure to assist you in creating sacred space in your living and working environment.

For Buyers, Owners and Renters

We work with people locally and internationally that realize that their home and business space is a direct reflection of their life and has direct impact into whether their life works for them. They are willing to make changes in themselves and their homes. (E.G. the placement of furniture, objects, colours and specific energy enhancers)

The space we spend most time in influences us more than we might think. They can bring out our best or worst and, seemingly insignificant changes to our home and offices can have a surprisingly dramatic impact on the quality of our lives.

For Realtors and Developers

When you’re looking at a new place – you want to know if it’s a fit for you: Does it have the right qualities and energy you’re looking for? You want to make sure that its energy is clear and vibrant. That it is above the range of an unhealthy area (What does this mean?) You want it to be free of any:

  • Negative emotions from previous owners and historic usage of the land
  • High radiation of electromagnetism
  • Negative influences from water and pollution whether chemically or bacterial, as any of these could cause stress on the people living or working there.

Are you a fit for our services? You might be if you are:

1) Spiritually and culturally open minded.
There are many ways looking at our relationship to the world and our home. The eastern perspective of Feng Shui is very different from the western consumer mentality. But this kind of work might be for you if you realize that your home is a reflection of yourself and your family members and your business space is a reflection of you and your business partners. You are willing to be honest and explore how your living and work spaces may be a perfect reflection of what’s going on inside of your own heart and mind. You are willing to learn, listen and do what it takes to do the work of reflecting about yourself. You’re open to the idea that your environment is a living being that changes as you change. It vibrates whatever you vibrate in it.

2) Committed
You are willing to schedule the time to create changes in your environment that will support the emotional, spiritual and lifestyle shifts you’ve been attempting.

3) Patient.
You are willing to make changes one step at a time. You’re willing to let the process unfold. You’re not looking for quick fix solutions. You are willing to talk with your partner and kids. You’re willing to take your time and allow the inspirations to come. Changing the energy in your environment is a process and needs the willingness to let go of old, dis-empowering habits and beliefs. You realize that these shifts happen over time.  There is no quick path to fame, business success, fortune or peace. There is no magic wand that can fix your environment.

4) Eco-Conscious.
You are open to participate in a greener environment for a smaller footprint on the planet. You want to see that our children have a safe and nourishing earth to live on. You do you best to learn about greener alternatives inside and outside of your home.