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Our lives are affected and influenced by the space we live and work in. Whether we are aware of it or not, there are many factors of energetic patterns in our space that generate and run our underlying purpose of life. The layout of our space correlates directly with the feelings we have and the results we will create. It is my pleasure to assist you in creating sacred space in your living and working environment. Our Service uses modalities such as Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Dowsing, Art and Sacred Geometry. These ancient methods of alignment shift the invisible energetic patterns in our space to match balance for greater consciousness.

Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui in Chinese means “Wind and Water”. It is the ancient art of placement and aligning an environment. Similar approaches have been practised in India as Vasthu and in Europe as Geomancy. It deals with the relationship of people with place and time. It is observes the vibrational principles that our universe and nature are based upon: flow of Chi, the vital energy flowing through everything, yin and yang and the five elements and how when imbalanced it influences our life and especially our emotional well-being in a particular environment.

The intention of Feng Shui is to enhance and balance the energy on the property, inside a house, a workplace and a room. By strengthening the supportive energies present and eliminating “negative” life destructive influences, we increase the possibilities for personal success, well being, good relationships and relaxation.

In a consultation I attune to the spirit of the environment before hand to understand the underlying causes of discomfort or distress in someone’s environment. Locally I take a reading of the compass for the orientation of the place and a tour of the house to observe any structural and decorative elements that might create stagnancy. I study the floor plan and draw on it the Bagua an energetic template that acts as a map to diagnose the 9 major areas of life that can face imbalances. This map also serves to give direction how to rearrange colours, furniture, objects, place affirmations and intentions that harmonize the space to match balance.

For the second visit we take into consideration the astrological potential of the inhabitants and integrate cures of vital energy to stimulate the energy field for higher vibrations and to maintain a stable vibrant energy.

A minimum of two visits of 2-3 hrs is required for a house or apartment.

Dowsing with the Lecher Antenna

Is a useful modality of divination to detect any problem zones of energy, energy grids, ley lines, subtle disturbances in the ground, air and water quality, pollutants, invisible factors such as EMF( Electromagnetic Fields), underground water and the accumulation of emotional charges from inhabitants in and out of their physical bodies etc.
It is also used to search for water or minerals in the ground.

A minimum of 1.5 hrs is required to assess a property

Space Clearing

A Space Clearing is a ceremony of purification of negative energies that have been collected in the walls and various energetic layers of our environment. “Sha” negative energy is caused through emotional, mental, physical stress left behind by past events or geo-biological stress caused by nature which make imprints in the energy field and continue to have an impact on our daily life.
These imprints influence our mental, emotional and physical well being to a degree that can lead to sickness and stagnancy in areas of our life in which we are vulnerable and weak.

A clearing brings us in contact to unseen realms where spirits and guardians of our house and property reside. It connects us to our intuition. We are asked to work co-creatively with nature and the unseen realms to help us reclaim vibrations of harmony and balance that restore the blueprint of our human creations to match balance.

It is good in combination with a Feng Shui consultation because it enhances the effect of its alignment and clears the deeper energetic layers untouched by it. The ceremony connects us with the sacredness of all matter. It is recommended to do a clearing twice a year for spring and autumn or any other time. It helps in those transformational seasons to create space for new developments.

A minimum of 1.5 – 2 Hrs is required.

Sacred Geometry

It is a form of geometry that is based on the laws of nature, is inherent in nature and has been implemented in all the sacred buildings of this world to raise the level of vibrational frequency to form portals for higher consciousness. Our human DNA is made of this same geometry, as well as our cells and energy system. The forms are harmonizing and aligning our body and we will feel good and attracted to them.

There are physical and painted representations of the geometries that can be placed in particular areas of the environment for decorative reasons and to raise the energy.

Feng Shui Art

Art work in form of a painting on the wall, in a frame or as an object can have powerful means to enhance the energy in a home or a workplace. It sets intention and supports through its continuous vibration the energy field. The artwork functions as a reminder for your consciousness and puts harmonious energetic patterns in place to help you stay focussed in your purpose. There are two ways of creating such artwork. In the first I align myself with the energy of the place and the inhabitant. This will give me a vision of what needs to be created to help the person in its growth. Second possibility is that we use a symbol of sacred geometry or any existing form that feels appropriate. Both solutions can be worked out in different materials representing the 5 elements to be balanced.

The time depends on the measurement of the painting required.