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Balancing Spaces

Balance and Nature

Feng Shui in Chinese means “Wind and Water”. It is the ancient art of placement and aligning an environment.  It deals with the relationship of people with place and time. It is observes the vibrational principles that our universe and nature are based upon: flow of Chi, the vital energy flowing through everything, yin and yang and the five elements and how when imbalanced it influences our life and especially our emotional well-being in a particular environment.

The intention of Feng Shui is to enhance and balance the energy on the property, inside a house, a workplace and a room. By strengthening the supportive energies present and eliminating “negative” life destructive influences, we increase the possibilities for personal success, well being, good relationships and relaxation.

In a consultation we tune into the spirit of the environment beforehand to understand the underlying causes of discomfort or distress in someone’s environment. Locally we take a reading of the compass for the orientation of the place and a tour of the house to observe any structural and decorative elements that might create stagnancy. We study the floor plan and draw on it the Bagua an energetic template that acts as a map to diagnose the 9 major areas of life that can face imbalances. This map also serves to give direction how to rearrange colours, furniture, objects, place affirmations and intentions that harmonize the space to match balance.

For the second visit we take into consideration the astrological potential of the inhabitants and integrate cures of vital energy to stimulate the energy field for higher vibrations and to maintain a stable vibrant energy.

A minimum of two visits of 2-3 hrs is required for a house or apartment.