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Space Clearing

A Space Clearing is a ceremony of purification of negative energies that have been collected in the walls and various energetic layers of our environment. “Sha” negative energy is caused through emotional, mental, physical stress left behind by past events or geo-biological stress caused by nature which make imprints in the energy field and continue to have an impact on our daily life.

These imprints influence our mental, emotional and physical well being to a degree that can lead to sickness and stagnancy in areas of our life in which we are vulnerable and weak.

A clearing brings us in contact to unseen realms where spirits and guardians of our house and property reside. It connects us to our intuition. We are asked to work co-creatively with nature and the unseen realms to help us reclaim vibrations of harmony and balance that restore the blueprint of our human creations to match balance.

It is good in combination with a Feng Shui consultation because it enhances the effect of its alignment and clears the deeper energetic layers untouched by it. The ceremony connects us with the sacredness of all matter. It is recommended to do a clearing twice a year for spring and autumn or any other time. It helps in those transformational seasons to create space for new developments.

A minimum of 1.5 – 2 Hrs is required.