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Increase Productivity in Your Workplace

Posted on Jul 23, 2012

Increase Productivity in Your Workplace

Whether you work in the corner office of a multi-story commercial building, a cubicle in a medical center or the corner of a bedroom in your home, your workspace should provide you with supportive energy for focus, productivity and income generation.

With all of  the high tech requirements you have, it’s important not to forget the more subtle but equally supportive energy requirements. These provide a balanced atmosphere, allowing you to stay focused, productive and in-control of your time. Integrating some basic feng shui principles and personal design preferences with your high-tech requirements will create an office that is less stressful and more productive, which yields more profitability and personal satisfaction.

1) Declutter

Before you can energize your office for success, it is imperative you declutter it first. If you energize certain areas of your office and there is clutter in the way, you will energize the clutter first and create even more clutter. Organize it, file it or get rid of it. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re happy to send you our complimentary “Clearing Your Clutter” report. Just ask!

2) Energize the entrance

Removing wastebaskets from the area and making sure the door can swing open. Do this even if clients never come to your home. Positive energy needs to enter in order to provide your business with growth and prosperity.

3) Choose colors wisely

Paint office walls colors that provide supportive energy for the work being done. Different professions need different treatments.  For example: Medical, or dental office walls need a calming energy. Sales, marketing and professional offices need colors that foster building good relationships.

4) Add energy to your walls

Use art and wall décor to further enhance the purpose of your office – those that encourage focus, productivity and generate income.  Family pictures in an office can be very distracting, so limit them to either a small grouping or a collage in one frame. Energize with live plants whenever possible.

5) Add water

Adding artwork with water in it on the north wall will energize your career while providing a gentle flowing movement throughout. Be sure the water in the picture has movement to it like a flowing river rather than tumultuous waves crashing on the shore or stagnant water with no movement. A small tabletop water fountain with a gentle bubbling sound also works well. Make sure if you use the fountain to run it every day and keep it filled with fresh water.

By balancing your office for supportive energy and aligning your personal design tastes with the type of work you do, you have the formula for improved focus, productivity and more success. Creating balance eliminates many of the energy drainers in your workplace and reduces stress.

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