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Initial Consultation | $155

Get your location assessment and a plan how to balance it.

Property Clearing or Blessing Ceremony | $ 199

Have a healthy house and property. Bless location.

Yearly Remedy Update | $ 199

Create the most benefitial energy for the year.

Space Planning Consultation | $ 255

Get your location reviewed to be more balanced when planning new construction renovation.

Be at Home Consultation | $399

Get your location balanced to have a fresh start.

Best location for your home or business | $ 88 (over the phone)

This dowsing process assists you in finding the best location for a new home or business.


Healing Ankle
Healing Ankle | 30cm x 30cm | $350 Healing Pain | 30cm x 30cm | $350
Transformation – Limited Edition | 70cm x 100cm Opening – Limited Edition | 70cm x 100cm

Select Medium

Select Medium

Love Stream | 70cm x 100cm | $700


Audio, Video, Books

Healing Ankle Feng Shui Talk – MP3 Download | $14.95Feeling Great! Holistic Health Solutions Presents… Clearing Stagnancy and Clutter in your Life using Feng Shui with Stephanie Gruss. This is an mp3 downloadable product (you will be redirected to a page to download after purchase).

Healing Ankle Do-It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit| $32Completely guided course in which you will be able to clear the energies of your house like a professional!! Comes with a 160 page illustrated booklet for easy step-by-step instruction. At the end of the program, you will be able to do an “energetic Feng Shui” on your own home. Learn how to clear your home or office of noxious earth energies, entities, and restore the natural vibrational health of your property.